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JFSR Mobile v1


PLEASE NOTE: It looks like another JFSR App Developer has blatantly copied (ripped off) my written text, from this app page, to theirs. Problem is they do not have the same functions in their App, as is written in the text, so the text is rendered obsolete for that App. Please write your own blurb for your own App. Do not steal from others. Thanks.THE JFSR MOBILE APP [Official]v1.00 Build 5.2016.
Listen to JFSR (Internet radio station), on the move. Use your mobile devices to get the latest in Jazz/Funk & Soul, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, non-stop music.
This mobile App allows you to listen to both of JFSRs Internet audio stream options:-
32kbs Audio Stream (low bandwidth option)Perfect for when you are using your Mobile's Data Plan.
128kbs Audio Stream (high bandwidth option)Perfect for when you have a WiFi connection.(this option can also be used with your Mobile Data Plan, see below)
NOTE:Please be aware that if you select the WiFi (128kbs high bandwidth option) audio stream, while using your mobile Data Plan (not using WiFi), you will incur large billing fees. Please select the Mobile (32kbs low bandwidth option) audio stream, which will save you money.
When you are using a WiFi connection your mobile Data Plan is not affected. Plus the audio is higher quality than the 32kbs low bandwidth audio stream. The high bandwidth option will also work with your mobile Data Plan but please take note of the above.
IT'S FREE:The JFSR Mobile App is a FREE App (and will always remain so). It currently has (limited) advertisement within it and being Free to design gives us a working model and a proof of concept, until the final (Public) App is available. The Public App will not have any adverts. Version 2.0 coming real soon.
Please bear with us, while we continue testing. You may also get frequent automatic updates, while the App is being tweaked. It will do this automatically if you set the App to 'Auto Update'.
FEATURES (simple options):
- 128kbs (high bandwidth) audio stream selection - for WiFi or Mobile Data Plan (Internet required)
- 32kbs (low bandwidth) audio stream selection - for Mobile (using Data Plan) (Internet required)
- Link to the JFSR Chatroom (Internet required)
- View: DJ Photos & their profiles (Internet required for the profiles)
- View: DJ Show listings/schedules for the week
- View: JFSR stream information
- View: About JFSR (History)
- Feature: Send a DJ a Request or Message (Internet required)
- Feature: Send JFSR an email (Internet required)
- Web-link: View the JFSR Facebook page (Internet required)
The two email options allow you to create the emails 'offline' and save as Drafts (using your email App on your device). Once Internet is available you can then send the emails as usual.
The majority of the features are specifically built for viewing offline, meaning no Internet connection needed to view them. Some web links, on the pages, will require the Internet, which in turn will give you more details on those appropriate sections. Those web links will take you to the main JFSR website, where the details are shown..
This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage data within the application. It is used for tracking its use, nothing more.
We hope you enjoy listening to JFSR, while you're on the move.
Version 2.00 coming very soon.
Gem[Techy @ JFSR]
Description updated: 23rd Feb 2016 [18:45pm]